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  • We lead the way in Stoma Care Ancillary Products. We use only the best and most natural ingredients in our skin care ranges, creams and sprays including Aloe Vera, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.

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  • No more worrying about what to wear to the swimming pool or beach. Our unique range of Continence Swimwear and Stoma Swimwear is available for men, ladies and children

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  • Browse our extensive range of both Continence Underwear and High Waist Stoma Underwear. The range is made from the finest materials at our Yorkshire factory for adults and children

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  • Browse our wide range of support garments here. We have pantie girdles, support belts and light control unisex support garments too. Most of our garments are treated with Anti Microbial and Anti Bacterial coatings...

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  • Let us make your covers to fit your pouch perfectly, whatever pouch you use. CoverSURE is the product for you if you have despaired of ill fitting covers in the past. Made to measure, comfortable, and available in a choice of colours.

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  • Our range gives you complete protection for your mattress, duvet, pillow, chair and even sleeping bag. Absorbent pads and protectors are offered in a variety of sizes and fabrics.

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  • A range of useful accessories to aid in the day to day management of your stoma and stoma products. Solutions for both at home, and while out and about.

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  • See our range of sale items here, and grab yourself a bargain. Specialist Swimwear, Underwear and other items available at great prices.

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Welcome to the OstoMART store

For men, women and children of all ages who suffer incontinence it can mean embarrassment at the least, a severe curtailment of lifestyle at worst.

There are many incontinence products available which enable anyone suffering from incontinence to regain the lifestyle they once had. No more worrying about what to wear when you're going out, whether it is to the local swimming pool, a trip into town or a night out at the cinema or to a restaurant.

Stoma care and incontinence products for men, women and children offer the freedom to live your life how you want without the fear of an embarrassing "accident"

Stoma care, whether it is a temporary or permanent feature of your life as a result of illness or injury, is now very much 21st century. Custom made pouches, high leg pants and scented products enable anyone suffering incontinence or with a stoma as a result of illness or injury to lead a normal life.

Take care of your body, take care of your life and enjoy the lifestyle you want without fear of embarrassment. For home, for work and for enjoying all your precious time the team at OstoMART Store has the experience to help you rediscover your freedom.


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